Trisc is a new interpretation of the classic tray table. Inspired by the trees on walk in the forest, the thin legs grow from the ground into the round tray, treetop. This tray table shows a simple and strong silhouette and while inspired by the nature it is also a study in geometrical shapes and appears graphical with the black-inblack look.

The new take on a tray gives multiple possibilities in use, whether you want to just use the hole to hang the tray, or place a bottle or a vase in it. Even with the tray in use you still have a lower level that can hold smaller objects, such as a magazine or a book.


Exhibited at Formland 2018 & Stockholm furniture fair 2018.

Contestant at the FSC design award 2017


Cone is a table lamp with a strong geometric look. Working with different geometric shapes, I wanted to create a sculptural silhouette whether the lamp was on or off. The result is a lamp that can be adjusted in different angles, making it suitable as more than just a decorative lamp, while still maintaining the simple and easily recognizable silhouette.


Exhibited at Formland 2018 & Stockholm furniture fair 2018.


Co-designed with Thomas Bundgaard


Racktable is our take on a modern side table. Both the form and the linoleum covered table top are inspired by geometric shapes and the table is designed with a graphical expression in mind. With its wheel front leg, RackTable is easy to move around. While the extended frame can serve as a handle when moving the table, it also offers a place to hang a book, magazine or blanket.


Exhibited at Formland 2018 & Stockholm furniture fair 2018.


Dot is a lounge chair designed for both public spaces and private homes. Made to look comfortable and inviting, while balancing between a light and heavy appearance. The thin frame lifts the upholstered seat while the dark green velour gives it an exclusive look. The chair embraces you, but still leave your surroundings open, so that you can initiate in conversation etc. Even though the chair is large the open back gives it a lighter appearance and make it suitable for public spaces where you don’t want the furniture to directly divide the interior. On this project I did a lot of tests on the dimensions of the chair. Testing everything from seat height and depth to the height of the backrest. The aim was to make a lounge chair that was very comfortable and comforting.

Lounge chair

This lounge chair is designed as part of a large school project, which ended up with a collection of 3 designs. The assignment was to design a furniture collection to a brand-new furniture company. The company had no designs done, and needed both an entire furniture collection as well as brand identity.

They had both some ideas, expectations and requirements to the company identity and the furniture collection. They required that everything was mainly made of wood, and that the style and quality of the products was high-end. The idea of this chair was to try and challenge the perception of what wood could handle strength-wise, with the almost floating backrest.


The complete project won the “best marketing & visual identity”

Cork planters

”Innovation & sustainability” project. A school group project. The case we were given was to help Folkekirkens nødhjælp ( by either inform about their charity or help them raise money for charity. We designed a pair of cork planters that would be sold at supermarkets. The planters would contain compressed soil as well as seeds and instructions.


Deco is an extendable dining table with an art deco inspired tabletop in linoleum. The dining table is designed with a focus on simplicity, using only wood and linoleum in the construction. All parts, except the tabletop surface is made from wood, including the sliders. In this project I did a lot of research on the dimensions of tables and needed seating area, as I wanted to create a table that could fit into small homes. Ending up with a round table at Ø115cm that could seat 4 people while still keeping the necessary seating and dining space. Plans for a square table was also developed in this project, but they weren’t visualized. The table is also designed as a knock-down furniture, so it can be transported at low cost, not exceeding a standard EUR pallet when disassembled.

The design was made during my internship at MENU.

Nikolaj Bo Nielsen

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